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Hi again! I’m going to start a new wedding planning section in my blog. Today, I’ll be talking about venues! Venues are the first (big) step in your wedding planning process (determining your budget would be first). Venues set the pace for the rest of your wedding planning, whether you’ll have to hire an outside caterer or set a menu for an in-house caterer, whether your bar will be in-house or again an outside caterer, whether you’ll have to rent linens, etc. It goes without saying your venue is the foundation of your wedding. The first thing you need to

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The Best “Work-from-Home” Loungewear

Today, I wanted to write a bit about my favorite loungewear. 2020 (and 2021 by the looks of it) has been all about working from home so sharing my favorite pieces to work in felt right! And for those that are essential workers and aren’t working from home, I wanted to express my utmost gratitude to you! Without further adieu,

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Affordable Amazon Finds

Click Here Previous Next Patch-Pocket Chino I love these cute chinos. The color is such a nice olive green and I love the length. I especially love the real pockets (that actually look that they could maybe hold something). Such a great day for a casual outfit but can also dress up for a day at the outfit! Click Here

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My Career Story

Hi and welcome back to my blog! Today, I wanted to write a little bit about my career story, how I got started in computer science and managed to land my dream job right out of college. So, I realized that I wanted to study computer science well before I got to college and I was lucky enough to have

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Amazon Gift Guide

Amazon has been life changing for me (hello 2-day shipping!), and it has made Christmas shopping 10x easier with quick shipping and easy returns. I posted on my Instagram stories (@nicole_huesman) with my top Amazon Christmas picks and it was such a hit that I knew I needed to post it more permanently on the blog. As always, if you

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All My Favorite Things Gift Guide

I’ve put together a list of all of my favorite things from this year! These would all make such amazing gifts that the person will get so much use out of. For a more detailed look into each item, be sure to check out my YouTube video which goes into each one and more on why I love it! I’ll

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