Girly Teenage Gift Guide

While I do spend my 9-5 learning how to best write technology for teens/tweens, I do not claim to know exactly what they want. That’s why for this gift guide, I chatted with my lovely 16 year old neighbor Julia share with me her top picks for this holiday season. She was kind enough to sit down and write out her favorite items and why. So, from a truly wonderful teen herself, here’s what Julia recommends you get for the teenage girl in your life! As always, if you see something you like, just click the picture to go to the shop page! xoxo, Nicole


Nike Leggings


“Nike is an amazing brand these are high quality leggings that can both be used for active use or just laying around.” – Julia


LED Light Strips


“Led light strips have blown up over the past year and can be used to decorate your room car etc.” – Julia


Revlon Volumizing Hair Dryer


“This can be used to blow out style and dry your hair you can use it no matter what hair type you have.” – Julia


Oversize Sweatshirts


“Oversized sweatshirts can be worn almost all year round and can go with anything, and are just comfortable in general:)” – Julia


Fuzzy Blankets


“Fuzzy blankets or weighted blankets can help decorate your room while being able to keep cozy” – Julia




“You can use a candle to add warmth and a good smell to the room I personally have candles lit all the time” – Julia


Dainty Necklace


“You can do a personalized necklace with your name on it, you can do a simple charm or letter and you and wear it with anything” – Julia


Wall Collage Kit


“Wall collage kits can be used to decorate your room and most of the time you can even customize and get your own pictures if you want.” – Julia


Face Mask


“This face mask popularized by skincarebyhyram has become very popular around quarantine used to gently exfoliate your skin without harsh scrubs.” – Julia


Mom Jeans


“Mom jeans are an amazing statement price to your wardrobe having a basic pair of mom jeans you can dress up or dress down.” – Julia


Shout out to Julia for sharing her top picks with us! Let me know down in the comments if there are any other MUST HAVE items that you’re getting (or hoping to get) this year!

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